What we do

Plant solutions for paper mills: ventilation systems and hoods, Building ventilation systems, energy saving, systems for dryers, lighting for hoods, motion transmission for dryers. 

Our steps


Audits of steam and condensate systems, aerothermic systems, building ventilation systems, energy saving. 


Design and execution of steam and condensate systems. 


Assistance and supervision of plant installations and start-ups. 


Analysis and reporting of the maintenance status of installations in order to maintain their best performance. 


Audits of steam & condensate systems, paper machine ventilation plants, Building ventilation systems.

Steam & condensate systems audits are carried out to seek improvements based on: production flexibility, increased output and energy savings. They are carried out by highly skilled personnel in the sector who, using dedicated instruments, check the application conditions and layouts of the plants. 

Audits of paper machine ventilation systems are carried out to achieve maximum energy savings from: balancing the air in and air out of hoods, closing and insulating hoods and basements, maximum energy usage and appropriate blowing equipment. Analyses are performed by highly skilled personnel in the sector who, using dedicated instruments, verify the application conditions and layouts of the systems.  

Audits of the ventilation systems in the paper machine room are carried out to study the air flows within the building. Air changes per sector of the building are verified and internal atmospheric conditions are measured using dedicated instrumentation. Comfortable working conditions for personnel are checked as well. We support our Customers in discussing the results of the analyses together. 


Steam and condensate plant design

S.B.R. Solutions is dedicated to the design of steam & condensate systems for paper machine dryer sections both for new plants and for the optimization of the existing ones. Thirty years of experience allows us to design systems for different types of paper using the latest technologies and methods available for paper drying.  The reference values remain: maximum production, maximum flexibility and lowest specific consumption achievable. 

Continuous research and technological development have led to a marked improvement in the production conditions of paper and board machines in recent decades. There are many conditions that contribute to optimising the drying of the paper in the dryer section, among them the high paper dryness coming out of the press area and the quality of the stock. Dryer sections are also increasingly improved by benefiting from advanced dryer cans technology, dryer equipment, dryer fabrics, drives and ventilation systems. The design of steam and condensate systems can therefore be devoted to more rational solutions than in the past, mainly focused on plant flexibility. Such flexibility is often required to dry many types of papers and boards on the same machine. The design must also reconcile the need to achieve the best efficiency in order to reduce the consumption required for drying, as the dryer section is the source of most energy consumption in the entire paper mill. 

At the dawn of possible major developments in drying technologies, S.B.R. Solutions has developed its design on 2 fundamental principles: development of in-depth calculations to correctly size flexible yet simple installations; development of configurations based on in-depth knowledge and experience of drying different types of paper and cardboard. Obtaining the highest achievable production conditions and the best management of primary and secondary energies are always the reference point of our studies. 


Erection assistance and supervision

S.B.R. Solutions dedicates its activities to assist its customers during the assembly of steam & condensate, paper machine ventilation and room ventilation systems by means of skilled personnel trained with project management tools. In-depth knowledge of the subject matter and long-term experience in the field make S.B.R. Solutions’ resources suitable for problem solving. 

S.B.R. Solutions personnel alternate between a long experience of assisting with installations and start-ups, with an extensive knowledge of implementation best practices and an innate ability to fine-tune systems. 

S.B.R. Solutions carries out technical training for mill personnel in order to have an in-depth understanding of the principles, concepts, and operation of the dryer section steam & condensate and aerothermic systems. 



S.B.R. Solutions supervises the periodic analyses of the steam & condensate and ventilation systems of the paper machine to analyse the condition of all its components and keep the systems at their maximum efficiency. Periodic inspections are tracked through detailed reports that are updated from time to time. 

The relationship with the customer is consolidated with an ongoing partnership that, through regular service, verifies the status of the control and measurement components by keeping track of the activities carried out. 


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