In this section we have collected some of the questions we are asked during our analyses with customers: 

With the high dryness achieved by the new press sections and the increased temperature of the paper entering the dryer, a high-pressure feed is also an option.

Check the pressure setting at the regulators of the heating groups. Check the tension of the dryer fabrics. Check the dryness at the presses

  • Check the setting of the differential controller for the condensate drain of the heating groups connected to the mechanical group;
  • Check the pressure load of the doctors;
  • Check the dryer’s bearings.
  • Check the water pressure.
  • Check that the manual valves are open.
  • Check that the regulator is set correctly.
  • Check the control valve.
  • Check the heating coil of the aerothermic system.
  • Check that the level control valve is working properly.
  • Check the condensate extraction pump.
  • Check the cleanliness of the strainers
  • Check the surface temperature of dryer cans at dryer section inlet.
  • Check the dryness of the paper after the presses and its temperature.
  • Check the pressure controls of the drying groups.


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